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The Importance of Self Reliance (NSFW)

THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF RELIANCE: My plan to bring world peace is 100% guaranteed or your money back. A stupid song for stupid times…. parental advisory content… don’t share with your kids, or show my mum. Thanks.

I wrote this a while ago, but it can be constantly updated and after resting it from my live set for a long time I played it recently and the audience seemed to love it. So I hastily recorded a version. Hope you enjoy it – you can get the song on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes etc.

All best.



Ed Sheeran’s Number One

Hello everyone. While recording my latest song, Ed Sheeran’s Number One, I thought I’d run my camera. And, lo, I have created a BBC Four Greatest Albums Ever type video to accompany the tune which you can also buy here or listen to for free here.

It’s not anti-Ed. I ain’t got no beef with Ed, it’s just quite a ludicrous situation. And a nice tune. Have a listen…

Echo Chamber – Free Download

Hello! I’ve recorded a little song about social media echo chambers, so I called it Echo Chamber. Have a listen and download it for free…

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a short album about stuff

It’s here at last. I’m really proud of this; it’s not an out and out comedy record, just a mix of songs I really like. It’s been lovingly recorded, mixed and mastered. Have a listen, hope you enjoy it…



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