Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by. This is where you can find out about my music, funny or otherwise, and even listen to and buy it if you’re so inclined. Which you should be, it’s great. You can listen to it on Spotify and boost my income by £0.006 if you like.

I am a writer and producer of comic songs described as ‘Hilarious’ by the New Statesman and ‘Sharp and astutely observed’ by the British Comedy Guide. The songs are personal, observational and sometimes political. When playing live I blend musical one-liners, short and longer songs to create an experience that no one has described as magical, but some have begrudgingly described as, ‘quite funny.’

I began my musical career in my home city with indie pop outfit Curby described by Steve Lamacq as ‘the best unsigned band I’ve heard this week.’ At least I think that’s what Steve said, but I was away at the time with no internet or phone access because it was the late nineties. Melody Maker said of the band, ‘They’ve conquered their home town of Plymouth, maybe Portsmouth will be next.’ Sadly, this was not based on fact. Plymouth is, of course, a city and Curby never played Portsmouth.

Much of my recent work, including many tracks on A Short Album About Stuff, has been produced by Augustin Bousfield of Gurgles and Mucky Sailor – both brilliant bands oft played by Stuart Maconie on his Freakzone show. The album itself has a smart indie feel with many comparing it to Jarvis Cocker. Well, two people have.

My controversial tune, We’re In This Together, about kidnapping the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, garnered some great reviews with BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson saying, ‘This track about kidnapping a senior politician is fun.’ Indie Band Guru wrote, ‘Looking away from the astounding melody and tune, the lyrics themselves are hysterical.’

My favourite quote, however, comes from Daniel, the nine year old son of a family friend.  When Daniel told his grandmother Sylvia that they had been listening to the singer-songwriter Matt Tiller on the journey from London to Plymouth to see her, Sylvia said, ‘Matt Tiller is not a singer-songwriter’ to which Daniel replied, ‘Yes he is, he’s just not very popular.’

Outside of music I develop and produce comedy for television. You can find out more about that stuff here.