Hello and thanks loads for being interested in my stuff. I really appreciate it and hope you like it. If not, please keep quiet. Literally, don’t tell anyone. Unless you hate it so much your splenetic bile makes people curious to investigate. If so, fill your boots.

Either way, here’s a bunch of free tunes to say thanks. You can listen to them here and download them – just right click and save as….

If you do like the tunes then do tell your friends, share the links and check out more stuff. I don’t have a big publicity and marketing machine, it’s just me sat in a thoroughly non-ergonomic position attempting to sell my wares.

Speaking of which….

I have a lovingly crafted CD album, which I’ll send to you for just the postage & packaging cost. There are options if you’d like to pay for it. It’s a bit like Radiohead, just without the existing incredible and lucrative back catalogue. Or Download it on iTunes.


Pay what you like…

Thanks so much for listening to the music and everything. If you haven’t already, do sign up to my mailing list and enjoy my silly videos and that.

Loads of love.